'Teen Mom' Recap: Ryan Needs to Get With the Educational Program

Maci BookoutThe final season of Teen Mom is easily the most emotional of the past ones. As we get deeper into the lives of Farrah, Amber, Maci, and Catelynn, it's clear that life after teen pregnancy is never simple.

Farrah is struggling to deal with her mother, and as hard as it is, it's impressive that Farrah wants so much to do the best thing for her daughter and tolerate an ever difficult relationship just so she can have a grandmother. Her mother isn't easy and it isn't hard to see why both Farrah and Ashley (her sister) struggle to have a relationship with her.


Meanwhile Amber made a good decision regarding rehab. She wanted to leave, but made the (wise) decision to stay a little longer. And even though we are all aware of how it turns out for Amber in the end, it's still good that she is at least trying.

The main emotional crux of the evening belonged to Maci, though. It was her pre-school struggle with Ryan and the heartbreaking cries of Bentley that earned tonight’s Teen Mom tears (I cry every show).

Seriously, as a mom, the WORST sound in the world is your baby crying when you leave him at camp or school or any kind of day care situation. Sure, they are always OK five minutes later, but that doesn't make it any easier. When my kids cry, I cry. It’s awful. I feel for Maci.

I felt for Maci in other ways, too. Parenting with Ryan has never been a picnic, but his attitude about pre-school is positively archaic. “My kid don’t need pre-school. I didn't have it,” is more or less what he says. Maci shouldn't have to point out the countless studies that prove pre-school is VERY needed, especially for at-risk children like Bentley who are born to unwed teen parents.

Certainly if Bentley is to have any kind of economic and educational advantage, he needs pre-school. Good for his mom for looking out for him in the best way possible. But shame on Ryan.

I have always defended Ryan and I think he loves his son, but he is SO wrong on this front. Kids need pre-school and study after study has proven that. Bentley will gain so much from pre-school.

Poor Maci shouldn't have to fight Ryan so much on EVERYTHING. Judging from previews it looks like it might even get worse. He wants joint custody now? Usually I think joint custody is a better option, but in this case, I am not so sure. How is he really looking out for his son?

Do you think Ryan is wrong about pre-school?


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