Who Does Emily Maynard Pick? Latest Rumor Is Nothing Short of Heartbreaking

Emily Maynard

OMG. How are we supposed to wait until Sunday to see who Emily Maynard will pick on The Bachelorette finale? After seeing the previews of her final romantic dates with Jef Holm & Arie Luyendyk on The Bachelorette Men Tell All show last night, it looks like this finale truly is shaping up to be "the most dramatic rose ceremony ever." (For real!)

Emily really does seem to be falling in love with both Arie and Jef equally, which makes this season one of the toughest races to call in the history of the show. But a new rumor about what actually happens with Emily's final pick is nothing short of shocking -- and I honestly just don't know what to make of it. In fact, I'm already a bit heartbroken for her if this rumor is actually true.

*Warning: MAJOR Spoilers Ahead*


According to "an inside source," one of the remaining two men has a change of heart and actually breaks things off with Emily during their final date -- leaving her completely devastated and confused. Supposedly this particular guy gets "a bad case of cold feet" and says:

"I don’t think we know each other nearly enough to even be entertaining this; I don’t think we should get engaged." (Whaaaattt?)

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Wait -- it gets worse. Supposedly after this dude cuts her loose, she begs him to change his mind and even tells him, "You're the one I want to pick!"

Talk about the worst heartbreak any Bachelorette has ever had to deal with! If this is true, then I seriously want to wring this guy's neck for leading her on all season while he never had any true intentions of actually proposing to her. (Who does that?)

This same source also indicates that Emily does wind up getting her happy ending after getting engaged to her other finalist, and apparently they are in love and planning to tie the knot this fall.

But for Emily's sake (and her rumored fiance), I hope this is nothing but another crazy story that was put out there to confuse fans about the final outcome of the show. Because if Emily's heart truly did lie with the man who allegedly left her, there will always be a huge "what if?" in the back of her mind -- and that's a very, very hard thing to escape.

Emily has such a good head on her shoulders and her judgement thus far has been absolutely perfect, so let's hope there is no truth to this story -- and that we will see her get her happy ending on Sunday. (But if this certain guy does wind up breaking her heart -- he'd better be ready to go from being a fan favorite to the ultimate Bachelorette villain overnight.)

Do you think this rumor is true?


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