'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona & Heather Have the Best Fight Ever

Ramona Singer and Heather ThomsonFor as boring as this season of The Real Housewives of New York City has been, I've got to say they provided some good chuckles tonight. Most of the intentional ones came from the fabulous Carole Radziwill, who's proving to be the one saving grace of this season.

She's hilarious, and in the face of the clueless countess, LuAnn de Lesseps, she reacted just like we'd all want to do. LuAnn continued her oh-so-annoying habit of one upping anything and everything anyone said no matter what. When Carole said her mom had four children, LuAnn said her mom had seven; when Carole talked about a book she was writing, LuAnn had to tout hers AND challenge Carole when she said writing a book is harder than birthing a baby. Because of course LuAnn knows, because she's done both.

Carole's retort to the cameras was fantastic: "When you give birth, no one criticizes the baby, even if it’s an ugly looking baby."


When Carole started making fun of LuAnn to her face, the countess still couldn't get a clue -- not even when Carole said she played on the football team. Not that we should be surprised by that fact, but it was pretty funny nonetheless. And that was pretty much London.

The laughs continued at the anniversary party for Aviva and Reid Drescher. Sonja Morgan planned it, and it was a disaster when it came to the details. There was the bizarre and blatantly awful entertainment and a strange lack of food of any kind, but no one seemed to mind all that much.

The best entertainment of the night came when Heather Thomson tried to talk to Ramona Singer. Ramona tried to put Heather off, telling her she didn't want to talk at that point, but Heather was on a mission to have it out with Ramona. She was all "bring it," and wasn't about to back down.

So Ramona blurted out that she thinks she's fake and phony and that she lied about talking behind her back; then tried to walk away. But Heather and her big old smile weren't having it. She proceeded to follow Ramona everywhere she went, comically chasing her all over the party. "You don’t dismiss the conversation. You don’t control everything," she said.

When she would finally corner her, Ramona would physically cringe at her smile (which I agree is creepy, weird, creepy). "That smile! Oh my God that smile!" Ramona shrieked when Heather flashed it at her. It was honestly one of the most entertaining fights in Housewives history.

Heather even tried to corner Ramona when she was at the door leaving. "Have a good night, Ramona. I hope we can talk." Ramona walked away without a word.

I don't know why Heather doesn't just let it go. If she would, Ramona would get over it, and they could eventually move on -- maybe not as BFFs but they could be civil. As it is Heather just looks desperate for drama, and continues to get more annoying as the episodes continue. 

Which side are you on after tonight -- Team Ramona or Team Heather?


Image via Bravo

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