'Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Part 2 Recap: Vicki Finally Admits She's Scared About Brooks

Brooks Ayers and Vicki GunvalsonIt was a hard hour for Vicki Gunvalson for sure tonight on part two of The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion. However, in the end, when she admitted that she was even more confused about her relationship with Brooks Ayers than when she sat down on the couch, it looked liked it might have been best for her in the long run.

"I’m really scared about Brooks and I right now," she said. And I think that's all anyone, from her daughter Briana Wolfsmith to the rest of the Housewives to fans, wanted to hear -- that she is at least keeping an open mind to all the suspicions and misgivings everyone except Vicki has about Brooks. There are plenty, and they laid them out for her one by one -- some doing so more tactfully than others.


Tamra Barney voiced her suspicion that Brooks had studied past seasons of the show and was peppering his interactions with Vicki with catch phrases she'd used like the "evil eye" and "the bomb dot com." When Brooks himself made a brief appearance, Tamra let him have it for being an opportunist and more.

"You are a man. You’re not a woman. Act like one," Tamra shot at him after he admitted he was protecting Vicki from her eye roll. Heather Dubrow told him he seemed aggressive at her party. Honestly he seemed scared to be sitting there, and it was all too convenient that he left before Briana came in and took her seat on the couch because he wouldn't have fared well. He certainly didn't win any fans with his less-than-convincing defense that he's not shadier than a magnolia tree.

While Tamra's motives for not liking Brooks may be questionable, Briana's are not, and it's her misgivings about Brooks that raise the most red flags. She only has her mother's best interest at heart, and tonight she laid out several, well-articulated reasons why she doesn't trust Brooks.

Even though things are amicable between Vicki and Briana, and Briana and Ryan are even living with Vicki and her ex, Donn (who Vicki revealed had a 20-year affair while they were married!), there's a wedge there. Well, Vicki denies there's a wedge, but there's clearly a wedge -- and it's a slick, southern, sweet-talkin' wedge named Brooks.

Briana repeatedly has flat out told Vicki that she doesn't like and doesn't trust Brooks. She said she feels like he's in love with "Vicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County" and not the REAL Vicki. She said if his intentions were pure, he'd be trying to get to know Vicki's children and would perhaps look them in the eye once in awhile.

"I don't like your boyfriend. I don't like him for you," she told Vicki.

Briana also accused Brooks of being obsessed with the show and with fame. She said he leaked news of her pregnancy and of her wedding to the press. If that's true (and what reason would Briana have to make it up?), Vicki should have already run far and fast from the guy. But still she stays by his side.

Briana said she thinks Brooks is afraid to be in the same room with her because of her honesty, and I think she's pretty much spot on with that assessment. If not, why wouldn't he have sat on that couch and defended his intentions?

Things got even more heated between Tamra and Vicki when while defending herself Vicki accused Tamra of getting together with Eddie while she was still with Simon. She seemed to backtrack a little, admitting she was separated at the time, but Tamra was already furious and threw out an accusation about Vicki waking up naked next to some guy while on vacation a year or so back. When Vicki denied it, Tamra got irate. "Oh my God, you're going to hell!" she told her. I'm not sure their friendship will ever be salvageable after tonight.

As for Vicki and Brooks, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them. Hopefully the reunion at least served as some good fodder for her to really take a good hard look at her relationship with him and do what's truly best for her. For so long she's stood by her man and not wanted to hear a word against him from anyone, but tonight it seemed she finally might have at least heard what they're saying. I know she wants her love tank to be full, but it's important for her to determine with what it's being filled with her eyes wide open.

Do you think Brooks and Vicki's relationship will last? Do you think Briana and the other Housewives are right to question his motives?


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