'Teen Mom' Star Accused of Smoking Pot While Pregnant

Kailyn Lowry Teen MomThe Teen Mom rumor mill has just gone from scandalous to downright scary. Kailyn Lowry has been accused by ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera of smoking pot while she was pregnant with son Isaac. This is not just some ooh, hehe, haha, what will these reality stars think up next kind of scandal.

Smoking marijuana while pregnant has been linked to some pretty hardcore problems for the child, from mental to behavioral defects. If there's even a shred of truth to the allegations, Lowry could sink below even trouble co-star Jenelle Evans (who has her own post-pregnancy pot problems) on the bad mom scale.


I say "if" they are true because, let's face it, an accusation from an angry ex-boyfriend thrown out on Twitter shouldn't carry the same weight as, say, a blood test showing marijuana in a pregnant woman's bloodstream. Rivera certainly could be talking out of his you-know-what. Kailyn Tweeted on Sunday that she was "disgusted" by a photo that allegedly showed his new girlfriend with a bong (the photo is no longer available because the account has been suspended). Rivera's response was fast, furious, and frightening:  

@KailLowry your mind is blown? You were the biggest pothead I ever knew. Even smoked during pregnancy. Dont act like she's the devil. FOH!

Rivera sounds bitter and angry, and these are some pretty nasty allegations. So we should take this all with a grain of salt, folks. On the other hand, we did watch the couple on 16 & Pregnant, and she was living with his family. If anyone would have knowledge of what Kailyn was doing during that nine-month period, it would be Jo.

So what could pot do to a baby, any baby? It can be responsible for low birthweight, put a baby at a higher risk for SIDS, even damage the brain. So far, it seems Isaac came out OK -- he's now 2 and seemingly healthy. But the sad fact is, the effects of marijuana use during pregnancy don't necessarily show up right when a child is born. According to the scientists, there may not be obvious birth defects, but the affects of exposure to the drug while in utero are long-term. If Isaac was exposed, it could start manifesting itself later, perhaps when he goes to school.

I like Kailyn, and I'm hoping this isn't true -- not just for her sake but Isaac's too. It's hard enough being raised by teen parents in the media's spotlight. This kid could use a few breaks in life!

What do you make of this allegation? Is pot smoking during pregnancy a no-no in your book?


Image via MTV

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