'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: The Calm Before Napa

Teresa Giudice and Melissa GorgaThe drama was low, and it was pretty much all business on The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight. With the big Napa trip looming, everyone was focused on their individual business ventures and, of course, Beatstock.

Gia Giudice danced and did so quite well actually, even with Teresa in full Dance Moms mode. Melissa Gorga lip synched adequately along with her fancy new dance moves, and Teresa even admitted she did well. "I never knew Melissa was such a really good dancer and I’m actually really happy to support her," she told the cameras.

Of course, that was just minutes after she laughed as Gia made fun of Melissa's singing. Milania then proclaimed, "Melissa stinks," which was met with more laughter from Joe and Teresa. And wherever would they have heard such things? That was sad.


On the surface, however, Teresa and Melissa were all love and light with one another, with Melissa even proclaiming that they are "100 percent better." I suppose 100 percent better than dismal is good, but I have serious doubts as to how long they'll stay in such a good place. Their miraculous reconciliation just all happened too quickly, and there's too much history -- and too much crazy -- there to think otherwise.

Will they make it through Napa alive? I don't know if that's when their new relationship will quake, or if their differences will pale in comparison to those that are sure to come to a head between Teresa and Jacqueline Laurita and/or Caroline Manzo. They didn't interact at all tonight, though Jacqueline did mention to the cameras that she's heard Teresa and Joe lead separate lives. Wonder if she'll bring that up in Napa.

The men are supposedly going to meet up before the trip to try to get everyone on the same page and keep the women in check. Well, all of the men except Albert Manzo, who said trying to engage Joe Giudice in conversation just makes him stupid. Ha.

Jacqueline said she's bracing herself, "My strategy for my survival is to keep to myself." While Teresa doesn't seem to have any warm and fuzzy feelings about reuniting with her anytime soon and is more worried about the windy roads of Napa and falling off of a cliff. "The Lauritas are fair-weather friends," she said. I wonder what the forecast is for Napa?

On another note -- did Joe Gorga really have to refer to his daughter as a cock blocker when she tried to get in the way of him and his Tarzan putting their poison in Melissa? Since Melissa proclaimed that the key to a happy marriage is to have sex every single day, it's not like he's deprived or anything.

What do you predict is going to go down on this Napa trip?


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