Rachel Berry Has Made Lea Michele Gleefully Rich

lea micheleWhich Glee star do you think is worth more -- Lea Michele or Matthew Morrison? Or Jane Lynch? All three are mondo-talented, singing, acting, and dancing their way through episode after episode. All three are incredibly important to the show. I mean, can you imagine Glee without Sue Sylvester? And Lea just signed on for a fourth season.

Lea also just put down $1.4 million for a new house in Los Angeles so she's not exactly hurtin' -- but is she paid what she's worth? I guess that depends on how big a fan of hers you are. Or you could check out her estimated net worth. I would say it looks like Ms. Michele is holding her own ...


According to CelebrityNetWorth.com Lea Michele is worth $2.5 million. Yowza, nice work, girl! Not bad for a 20-something. She's worth more than many of her Glee cast mates -- except for Matthew Morrison (worth $4 million) and Jane Lynch ($5 million). Ooh, Jane is worth twice as much! Of course, Jane is also twice Lea's age, so that makes sense.

In fact, it's kind of a wonder Jane isn't worth more than that! But I don't think she's complaining.

Of course the Glee member who's really making bank is the creator, Ryan Murphy. He's worth $20 million. We ooh and ahh over how much stars make, but it's the producers and the creators who really make the crazy money. If multi-talented Lea is smart, she may try and parlay her acting and singing career into a Hollywood bigwig career someday. Now that would be something to sing about!

Are you surprised that Jane and Matthew are worth more than Lea?


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