'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: 'Jersey Shore' Roommates Ruin Snooki's News

Snooki & JWOWWPoor Snooki. After almost puking upon first sight of her baby on the ultrasound, she started to get excited. So excited that she wanted to share the news about her engagement and pregnancy with the rest of the Jersey Shore gang.

So after the invites to a group dinner had been issued to everyone except Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino ("You couldn't pay me enough," Snooki said), Snooki and JWOWW started decking out their new digs in preparation. They wiped New Jersey of any and all available animal prints, and constructed their very own Barbie Guidette Dream House.

After a few snafus, including that creepy handyman (what the hell was he saying?!!), they got their place together just in the nick of time. And the gang was all back together. It was nice in a strange and awkward way with nary a slurred word said nor a random hookup happening. They were actually quite civilized for once.


Then, as they all sat at dinner, Snooki dropped bomb number one -- she's engaged. The roommates were all visibly shocked. "Whaaaaat?!" they said in unison. They couldn't quite understand how her one-night stand could go so far so fast. Then they start busting her balls about it.

They wanted to know if she bought the ring, which everyone but Snooki thought was hilarious -- even Jenni. They also made sure she knew that meant "one penis for life." Then Vinny threw out, "You guys are going to get divorced soon anyway," and Snooki was flat out pissed, her night ruined.

And she hadn't even gotten to bomb number two -- the pregnancy -- which was written on dessert. I felt bad for Snooki. It's the worst feeling to be so excited to tell someone something, and then have them react poorly. I will say, however, that not inviting Mike was a smart move, because I can only imagine how much worse he and his insensitive ways would have made things.

I hope when the cake, emblazoned with, "By the way, I'm pregnant," comes out next week that the roommates will behave better. As totally shocking as the news is, this is her life now, and she could use a little support from her friends.

Were you surprised to see the Jersey Shore gang react so poorly to Snooki's news? How do you think they're going to act when they find out she's pregnant?

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