10 Most Scathing 'Real Housewives' Slams of All Time (PHOTOS)

Julie Ryan Evans | Jul 12, 2012 TV

Teresa GiudiceNo matter the season or the city, there's one thing we can count on when it comes to Real Housewives -- they will rip one another to shreds. From snide comments behind one another's backs to in-your-face confrontations, these ladies aren't afraid to let anyone know what they think, and it ain't always nice. 

We took a look back through the years of drama to find some of the all-time best slams by Housewives -- and by best we mean the most scathing and biting. There were PLENTY to choose from, but here are 10 that we'll never forget. Check them out and see if your favorites are on the list.

Which Real Housewives slams would you add to this list? Who do you think has the most biting tongue of all of the Housewives?


Image via Bravo

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