'Real Housewives of Orange County' Reunion Reveals Alexis Bellino Is Even Nastier Off Camera (VIDEO)

alexis bellinoWell it's no secret that Alexis Bellino was the most loathed lady in this past season of Real Housewives of Orange County. Remember how everyone dog piled on her at that dinner in Costa Rica? Man, that was vicious! And it seemed a little undeserved, too. Not that Alexis is America's sweetheart or anything, but geez, ladies!

But maybe there's more to the Anti-Alexis sentiment than we ever knew about. When the Housewives of OC got together for a reunion special, they went after her again. This time I think Heather Dubrow may have driven a wooden stake into Alexis' cold little heart. And it's all about what we didn't see of Alexis on the show.


Heather delivered the killer line to Alexis: "Don't shake your head no to me. Take this as a moment to look inside yourself and see that if everyone says you're dead, it's time to lie down." What's inside of Alexis? According to Heather she wasn't just mean and annoying to the Housewives. She was also mean to the show's production crew and the Nordstrom sales staff!

And then the others chimed in. Supposedly there's a whole conversation on Facebook about how awful Alexis has been to the Nordstrom staff. Only Vicki would defend her.

It's one thing to be nasty to your fellow cast members. When you sign up to do a reality television show, you're pretty much asking for a little abuse. Am I right? I mean, no one joins a Housewives cast thinking it's just going to be one sweet, happy slumber party.

But being nasty to the production crew -- that's something else! I'm sure television crews are used to some diva behavior, but it's never excusable. And the Nordstrom sales staff -- that's even worse. I hope what Heather alleges isn't true. But if it is, Alexis deserves every bit of scorn the wives dished out to her.

You know what they say, it's how you treat the "little people" that matters most. The non-stars. The people who do the real work. Not very classy, Alexis!

Do you believe that Alexis was mean to the production crew and Nordstrom staff?


Image via Bravo

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