'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard Should Run for Her Life if Jef Is Really Mormon

emily jef bacheloretteMormons who were watching The Bachelorette the other night heard something that sounded awfully familiar: Jef Holm telling Emily Maynard, "There's a time and place for everything, and right now is a time for us to bridle these passions." OH MY HECK. Jef totally quoted the Book of Mormon! (The actual Mormon scripture, not the musical.) It's right there in Alma 38:12, "... and also see that ye bridle all your passions, that ye may be filled with love ..."

Is he ...? Could he be ...? MORMON?

Yup, Jef's a Mormon. Ah-hah! That's why he's so cute in that clean-cut way. In an interview he revealed that he was raised in a devoutly faithful Mormon family. He's not exactly practicing the religion of his upbringing at the moment, though. And that's probably a good thing for Emily. Being a mixed-faith family in the Mormon religion is awfully tricky!


Hey, I should know -- I was raised Mormon, too. Did the whole shebang: Baptized at 8, early-morning seminary, Brigham Young University grad, married a Mormon returned missionary in the temple. And then I went apostate and left -- mwahahahaha! Outer Darkness, here I come.

Okay, enough with that. The point is, I've seen mixed-faith families struggle in Mormon congregations. Families are a huge part of Mormon theology. You're not just a family during your lifetime. Ideally you're a family in this life and the next, after you die. But only if everyone in your family has gone through certain important Mormon rituals.

I hope things have changed, but when I was growing up, families in which one spouse wasn't an active Mormon, or wasn't Mormon at all, were kind of considered less successful. People pitied them. And there was always a lot of pressure to get that spouse converted.

Jef's parents are missionaries. And they've disapproved of his past girlfriends. I wonder why -- were they not Mormon enough? Or not Mormon at all? If Emily picks Jef I predict the first thing his parents will do when they return from their mission is start leaning on Jef to convert Emily. It's what their generation of Mormons do, though it sounds like Jef's siblings are totally okay with Emily.

On the other hand, if Jef decides to join Emily's church, that might actually work. (Um, that is, as long as Emily didn't secretly sleep with Chris Harrison.) He's already said that he's not really practicing and that faith is more important to him. Mormons are not technically Christians, but they share the same values. Jef will have to set some pretty strict boundaries with his parents, though.

Do you think Emily will pick Jef?


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