'DWTS' All-Stars Needs to Bring Back Winners Like Maria Menounos, Not Losers

Maria Menounos & Derek HoughThe upcoming Dancing With the Stars All-Star season is bound to be pretty enjoyable since we'll get to see some of our favorite cast members take a spin around the ballroom floor one more time. And while there are certain former DWTS contestants we'd love to see more than others, most fans will probably agree that the ones who actually have talent are much more entertaining to watch.

Maria Menounos really wants to be part of the DWTS All-Stars cast after her journey ended last season just shy of the finals. Of being part of All-Stars, she said, "Please have me back! I would do it in a second, they know that!"


It definitely doesn't sound like Maria needs any convincing to sign on the dotted line, and she really does deserve to show off her moves again. She's such a dedicated and strong competitor, and the All-Stars show needs contestants like her to keep things exciting and interesting.

Honestly, producers should really not even consider cast members who didn't make it to the top three, or at the very least the top four on their individual seasons -- otherwise they're setting themselves up for failure and disappointment.

When most fans hear the words "All-Stars," they're going to expect actual "stars," meaning people who worked hard to perfect their dancing skills and gave the rest of the cast members some pretty stiff competition. If DWTS producers bring back contestants who really didn't give it their all, the show is going to lose interest quickly and will basically be nothing more than a replay of past seasons.

By only bringing back cast members who are truly talented, the show will be more exciting and cutthroat than ever -- and in reality TV, an elevated level of competition usually means more drama. And drama is a very good thing.

Who do you think should definitely come back for the DWTS All-Star season?


Image via ABC

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