'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Mom Tries to Ruin the Final Rose Ceremony (VIDEO)

jef and emily

There are a few things we've come to expect during every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette: over-the-top dates that just don't happen in real life, waaayyyy too many tears, and an incredibly cheesy proposal with an island backdrop.

Well, if Emily Maynard's mom has anything to say about it, we won't get to see either Jef Holm or Arie Luyendyk pop the question to her baby girl. In a teaser to the July 22 final rose ceremony, we see the matriarch advise her daughter to stay single.


To that, all I have to say is, FINALLY! It's about time someone with some sense made an appearance on that show. Usually, all we hear are people blathering on and on about true love, settling down, and finally finding The One.

Well, if there is one thing the franchise's 20 seasons should have taught viewers and contestants alike, it's that those sparks typically don't last much past the finale.

It would be great if the producers started casting a grumpy, naysaying relative to act as the star's sidekick. Someone who would always tell it straight. "He's crazy pants." "That one's a loser." "He'll bolt as soon as you get fat." You know, kinda like a dating devil's advocate. Then we could watch the contestants ban together and plot to take him/her down. How fun would that be?

Watch the dramatic trailer here:

Who do you think Emily should pick? Or is she better off single?


Image via ABC

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