'Bachelorette' Finalist Arie Luyendyk Has Even More 'Baggage' Than We Thought

Arie Luyendyk & Emily Maynard

Fans are all wondering who Emily Maynard will pick on The Bachelorette finale on July 22, and honestly, she really can't go wrong with either of her two remaining men. Jef Holm is pretty much the definition of what a perfect husband and father figure should be, and he and Emily really seem to fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

And even though Arie Luyendyk's ex is now warning Emily not to pick him because he's nothing but a money-hungry fame whore -- he and Em really do seem to have some genuine chemistry going on.


But according to his ex-girlfriend, Cassie Harshman (he must really have a thing for girls named Cassie), Arie "has dated hundreds of women and travels all over the world" and "his only motive for going on the show is for fame and attention."

Cassie poured her heart out to Star Magazine about what a jerk Arie is, and issued a stern warning to Emily saying that he wasn't a good father figure to her children and has a lot of growing up to do.

Ok, so it's all well and good that she's trying to warn Emily about what she believes Arie's true intentions to be -- but if she really wanted to save her from heartbreak, why in the heck did she wait until after the show was done filming to speak her piece? Because if Emily did pick Arie in the final rose ceremony, Cassie's warning definitely arrived a little too late.

And by selling her "story" about Arie to a tabloid like Star, isn't she basically doing the exact same thing she's scolding him for? The only possible reason why she would take her claims to the media instead of trying to go directly to Emily is because she's looking for "fame and attention," the very thing she believes Arie is after.

I guess it's possible that Cassie is just trying to do the right thing and open Emily's eyes to the possibility of Arie having a dark side, but unfortunately for her, talking to Star only makes her look like a huge hypocrite who is trying to make a cheap buck off her ex's time in the spotlight.

But regardless of whether he winds up with Emily in the end or not, Arie may never escape the skeletons in his closet or stop feeling the weight of his heavy past.

What do you think about Arie -- is he truly in love with Emily?


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