Maci Bookout May Have Amazing Post-'Teen Mom' Plans After All

maci bookoutAs you may recall, Maci Bookout confessed last week that she was aspiring to become ... a bartender. In response, a bevy of loyal Teen Mom fans groaned, because come on, she can do so much better! Well, hallelujah -- now it looks like all hope surrounding Maci having an amazing post-MTV career has not been lost!

A new rumor's buzzing around that Maci might land her own spin-off show ... But at the same time, a source tells Reality Weekly that "Maci would like her own talk show. She has been talking to people at MTV because she wants to become an on-camera host." YES. That's MUCH more like it!


I'm telling you. Ricki Lake ... Elisabeth Hasselbeck ... Bethenny Frankel ... Maci Bookout! She belongs on her very own -- or perhaps a panel set-up a la The View -- daytime talk show. 

Not just because she's a fan favorite and there are a bazillion young women/young moms who can relate to her. Although, that sure doesn't hurt. But because she has the natural charisma and drive to really make it. (Girl is a Leo after all.) I'm sure if you work at a bar like the one in Burlesque or Coyote Ugly, you get a bit of time in the spotlight, but let's be real. It's no comparison to being a mini-Oprah! 

Plus, Maci has solid experience in the field under her belt already. She occasionally delivers headlines about current events on Chattanooga State's online program Today @ Chatt State.

Clearly, MTV -- and Maci herself -- would be foolish to let this opportunity pass them by.

Could you see Maci Bookout as a talk show host? Do you think it would beat being a bartender?


Image via MTV

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