'Teen Mom' Recap: Farrah Abraham Is Right About Her Parents

Farrah AbrahamTonight's episode of Teen Mom was an example of how far these girls have really come. After so many seasons, it feels like we have watched Farrah, Catelynn, Maci, and Amber grow up before our eyes. Most of these girls defy the stereotype of a "teen mom" and have impressed viewers with their mature decisions and strong sense of love for their children.

But, of course, we have also been critical. Since part of my job is writing about these shows, I know I have been more critical than most. At times I have felt badly about that, so I am the first to say kudos when they are due. And kudos to these women, indeed.

Catelynn has always impressed everyone, but her dedication to helping other birth moms and to showing the other side of adoption is truly inspiring.


Maci's devotion to school and her willingness to take many classes and try to be flexible with her goals while balancing raising her son is also admirable.

Even Amber, messed up as she is, is trying and that is obvious in every way. She is torn up by her demons and is doing her best to be a loving mom and good person.

But this episode was really about Farrah. For a long time, people have called Farrah awful names and said she is "spoiled" and mean to her mom and dad. There is no doubt that she sometimes takes an adolescent or exasperated tone with her parents that could definitely be tempered. Plus, she is very lucky to have a mom and a dad who love her baby so much.

There is more to it, though.

Farrah has always had issues with her mother, Deborah, and certainly that isn't just Farrah's fault. Judging from previews for the next episode, it looks like we may learn even more about those issues. Of course, neither mom nor daughter is entirely to blame, and to their immense credit, both women are working hard on their relationship.

Farrah comes home to visit and she makes a huge effort to make sure Sophia sees them. But she also is making the mature choice to be away from them. All young girls need a period of time to be away from their families and do their own thing, and Farrah is doing just that.

She may go back with her parents in the end, but the fact is, she is right about them. They ARE overbearing and they do seem to think she is incompetent. She clearly isn't. Maybe they all need this period of time apart so they can gain confidence in her and she can realize how important they are. It's a big win for all.

Do you think Farrah is right?


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