'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Ramona Isn't Missing Anything in London

Heather Thomson and LuAnn de LessepsFinally, the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York went across the pond to London, and Ramona Singer wasn't with them. She and Aviva Drescher, who was invited but is scared to fly, stayed back in New York, and frankly they should be glad they saved themselves some jetlag.

It's been the lamest Housewives trip ever. It's not just lacking any Scary Island drama either -- it's lacking any hint of fun. Even Ramona's Learning Annex speech seemed like a riot in comparison ("I repeat: If I can do it, so can you").

So far the ladies in London have eaten some food, talked about their heads and their boobs, and attended a painfully boring Yummie Tummie dinner. Heather Thomson promised they were going to get "dirty and nasty" with all of their "eatin' and our boozin,'" but that didn't even come close to happening. And the most promising thing the previews show is Sonja Morgan sticking her face in the bidet.


Not to mention the fact that Heather and LuAnn de Lesseps have to be two of the most annoying people on the planet with whom to travel. Poor Carole Radziwill seems completely horrified by them, and you can almost see her brain spinning as to what kind of a book she can write about these strange, strange characters.

I've been trying to give Heather the benefit of the new girl doubt, but I've come to the conclusion that she's just incredibly annoying. I don't think her intentions are bad, but everything she does makes me cringe, from her shrieks and squeals over every little thing to her big, over-eager smiles and dropping of what she thinks are hip little catchphrases ("holla!"). I've got to say that Ramona's impersonation of her was spot on.

Then there's The Countess who's just as revolting as always. Carole has already figured out that LuAnn will always one up everyone (often in her faux British accent) and must have the last word always. I'm hoping she calls her out for it. LuAnn definitely wears the most annoying crown, but Heather is close on her heels. No wonder they seem to get along so well.

Meanwhile Ramona and Aviva were back in New York having all sorts of fun, though Ramona just can't let go of Heather and her incessant yammering. Aviva and her husband invited Ramona and Mario to their place in Miami, and we can only hope that trip might be a little more interesting.

Do you think things would have been more fun in London if Ramona had joined the ladies?


Image via Bravo

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