'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Wonders Why the World Can't Keep Her Court Dates Straight

Jenelle EvansPoor Jenelle Evans. The Teen Mom 2 star is mad with a capital M this week. It seems people heard she had to go to court twice this week, and they automatically assumed she was going to answer charges against her.

How dare they! I mean, she's only been arrested at least, what, seven times? But simmer down now, folks, Jenelle is going to set us straight.


As Jenelle ranted on Twitter on Sunday night:

U all must be mistaken, I have court next week for a no-contact order against my ex, not my charges. That's the end of the month.

Oooh, right, this week she's got a no-contact order for the guy who was still her fiance, what was it, two, three weeks ago? LATER this month she's going to answer her latest charges from the cops. We were so confused!

Of course Jenelle is indignant. Wouldn't you be? Geeeeeez.

Although ... nothing for nothing, but it is getting a little hard to keep all these court dates for the troubled reality star straight. It's hard enough figuring out which ex-boyfriend she's denying she's dating, how are we supposed to know which legal snarl Jenelle's trying to untangle this week.

Truth is, it seems like Jenelle herself is getting confused. After that Tweet, the Teen Mom admitted she has to be in court twice this week, not just the once for the no-contact order. She also has to pay child support this week.

See? The fact that the court doesn't think she can actually care for her own kid and she has to pay someone else to do it totally makes up for the fact that she's facing criminal charges, right? Er, maybe ...

At this point, what can Jenelle say that would actually make you like her?


Image via MTV

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