Jenelle Evans Gets a Job -- No, a REAL Job

jenelle evansSome respect, y'all. Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has up and gotten herself a J-O-B job. As in employment, not another boob job. And yes, something besides her other job as reality TV hot mess. Over the weekend Jenelle tweeted, "Work on Tuesday and Wednesday :) yes I said WORK not film, lol." (Film as in Teen Mom filming.)

Now we're all dying to know: What's Jenelle's job?!? She hasn't said yet. She is reportedly studying to be a surgical assistant at Medical Motte Technical Center but she isn't quite ready for the operating table just yet. Here are my guesses as to how young Jenelle might currently be employed.


Bounty hunter: Jenelle's one tough gal. I wouldn't want to cross her! Imagine if you jumped bail and then heard Jenelle Evans was on your trail. Yikes, jail would be better.

Shot giver (i.e. medical assistant): Okay, so she isn't trained enough to assist a surgeon. But maybe she knows enough now to poke people with needles? You know she'd love doing that.

Professional wrestler: I don't really need to explain that, do I?

Recess aide: You know those women who stand outside a recess yelling at your kids? Perfect job for Jenelle.

Pitbull trainer: We know she loves them. She owns one herself! And she's always defending them as perfectly safe -- even around children. So maybe she's kid-proofing dogs for families?

Guidance counselor: Maybe she spends a few hours a day at a high school advising young ladies on the wisdom of using birth control and staying away from boys named Gary.

What do you think Jenelle's new job is?


Image via MTV

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