'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Caroline Manzo Needs to Let Her Kids Grow Up

Caroline ManzoOh, poor Lindsey Andrews. She's Albie Manzo's new love interest, and tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, he brought her home -- or rather, brought her to a gay bar -- to meet matriarch Caroline Manzo. She wasn't exactly greeted with open arms. 

For awhile now it has seemed that Caroline Manzo may have finally accepted that her children are growing up, and she seemed to start letting go of the tight reins she kept on them. Chris and Albie moved out on their own, and she didn't move in with them; she's even helping Lauren start her own business (though she won't let her have a say in it). The cord was looking like it might actually get cut, but tonight she showed us that the cord is staying firmly attached ... and that she might just use it trip Lindsey.


She was polite enough, but she barely spoke to her. Instead she just sat back and intimidated her with her mere presence. To viewers, Caroline made her disapproval known, telling cameras in that deep, intimidating, female "Godfather"-like way she has, “He is not capable of having a relationship, his priority should be work. I'm worried." 

I don't think it was anything personal against Lindsey, though Caroline's snide "ra ra" comments about her being a professional cheerleader weren't exactly a glowing endorsement. But I think any girl that dares take some of her son's attention will bear her wrath.

If Caroline wasn't bad enough, there was Lauren Manzo, who had her guard up before she even met Lindsey. "There are a lot of whores in Jersey; I know what whores look like," she said. She never said if Lindsey fit the bill, but she did compliment her for being pretty when she met her. Of course, then she proceeded to insult her, saying, “I cannot picture you having any rhythm.” I'm guessing Lindsey was too polite to say what I imagine she thought about Lauren having any rhythm.

Oh, and then there was Melissa Gorga's bizarre advice to Lindsey: "You've got to vacuum. You fold the laundry. You buy a basket of fruit. Because that's what a wifey does." WHAT? It's amazing that girl didn't hightail it right out of that gay bar.

Lindsey held her own well enough, though she looked terrified much of the time. She finally loosened up on stage with Melissa, but what a baptism by freaky fire she got that night.

I suppose it's better that she knows what's she in for up front when it comes to Caroline and Lauren, especially. If she and Albie are in it for the long haul, those two are definitely part of the package -- but what an intimidating package that is.

Do you think Caroline needs to let her kids grow up? Can you imagine having Caroline Manzo as a mother-in-law?


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