'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Big Post-MTV Dreams Are Completely Disappointing

maci bookout with bentleyWhile we prepare to say goodbye to the first cast of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham is scheming to start her own restaurant and Catelynn Lowell is planning her wedding. Let's not get into the Amber Portwood drama ... But what about Maci Bookout? Besides potentially getting back together with ex Kyle King, what do her huge post-MTV hopes and dreams look like? Apparently, she has bright new aspirations to become ... a bartender!

Yesterday, Maci tweeted, "I really want to be a bartender. not at a club but somewhere cool. i feel like id be so good at it. hm?"

Uhh ... what?! Really, girl!?


Okay, maybe we're jumping the gun, and this isn't her absolute #1 career plan. Maybe she's just considering serving liquor for some extra dough, you know, for little Bentley's college fund? Oh yeah, speaking of little Bentley ... Won't it be a bit difficult to keep up with his routine when she's working bar anywhere (not just a club)? Those hours have to be a little bit wonky, no?

As a journalism student with a penchant for creative writing, she could totally pursue a career as a news anchor or talk show host. OMG -- she might be destined to become the next Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Or she could snag a publishing deal to write a memoir and/or children's books. How 'bout an internship at Parents magazine? Geeze, the girl could take her pick!

The bottom-line is that Maci is looking a gift horse in the mouth. She's a psuedo-celeb with MTV as a major launching pad for doing just about anything she can dream of. If bartending really is going to fulfill her dreams, more power to her. But given the opportunities she could have at a snap of her fingertips, slinging booze is just about the last thing she should be aspiring to right now.

What do you make of Maci's latest aspiration? Do you think she actually has bigger dreams than being a bartender?

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