'RHONY' Sonja Morgan Gets Between Rival Divas Heather Thomson & Ramona Singer

ramona heather rhonyWhen WetPaint got the chance to talk one-on-one with Real Housewives of New York Sonja Morgan, they went right to the Housewives drama de jour: The huffing and hair tossing between newcomer Heather Thomson and Ramona Singer.

Mean Girl moment #1: Ramona says Heather talks too much. Mean Girl moment #2: Heather leaves Ramona out of her trip to London. Ramona feels the sting! Can these frenemies become real friends? Sonja thinks so. As a longtime amiga to Ramona, she has a few insights into how the two ladies could build bridges -- and it's good advice for anyone trying to mend a friendship.


Was Ramona rude to Heather? You bet. But Sonja has known Ramona for over 20 years and can see past her foot-in-mouth disease. So when her old friend says the wrong thing, "it rolls off" Sonja. She knows not to take her mouth too seriously -- but she does take Ramona's loyalty and kindness seriously.

I know Ramona much deeper than that. I know that she's a very loving and caring person. There was a time that I didn't talk to her for a while and we're still really good friends. She loves me dearly. and she's not going to let a friend go that easily. I think she's going to keep going after Heather. She wants to have a friendship with Heather. She definitely does.

Okay, so Ramona has a heart of gold and wants to play nice with Heather. What about all that hot air coming out of her big mouth? Sonja says Ramona just needs to be told when she's gone too far. "She feels bad after she slips with the tongue. She doesn’t know! You just have to tell her sometimes.”

Well okay then -- just call her on it! Ooh, that sounds hard -- but it also sounds like Relationships 101: "Ramona, it really hurt my feelings when you said I talk too much." Telling people how they make you feel can be toe-curlingly scary. What if they freak out and it turns into a big fight? (Because that NEVER happens on RHONY, oh noes, how to handle!)

But I think when you do it the right way -- when you phrase it as "when you said X it made me feel Y" instead of insulting or calling the other person names -- it'll help your friend check herself. She may get defensive at first. But I think you stand a better chance of patching things up.

So we'll see if Heather and Ramona take Sonja's advice and give their friendship a second chance! Hey, look at how Ramona turned things around with LuAnn. It's not impossible.

Do you agree with Sonja's perspective on Ramona? Can she and Heather be friends?


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