'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New Job Lets Her Show Her Saucy Side

Farrah AbrahamYou've seen Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham on the TV in your living room. Are you ready to have Farrah Abraham in your kitchen cabinets? The reality star and culinary school graduate thinks she's come up with the recipe to make her addition to the grocery shelves get gobbled up instead of ending up on the "discontinued" aisle.

She's got a deal with a mid-western grocery store to get her tomato sauce on shelves and step one is complete: she was busy taking pictures on the sauce production line yesterday, along with her "pepper princess" Sophia of course. But what's setting Mom & Me apart?


They have Farrah, the so-called "social messenger" for the food company. it sounds like the Teen Mom spin on "celebrity face," and it makes a lot of sense.

Thanks to her starring role on Teen Mom, the star has the chance to talk about her life in magazines, on TV, and of course online (including right here at The Stir), and that means a chance to talk up her product. As Farrah told us a few week ago, when she talked up her culinary dreams, Mom & Me has a deal with Hy-Vee, a midwestern food chain to start selling their sauce. At the time she said she was working on the distribution part while juggling her plans for her restaurant.

According to Farrah, the Italian hot pepper sauce comes from an old family recipe -- hence that older woman in the picture above; she's Farrah's grandmother. Farrah says her mom, Debra Danielson, is company president because she is "very business minded, and it's better that we work together ... separate from the family."

Farrah, on the other hand, is better off Facebooking and putting out photos like she did on Twitter this week if she wants to really give her all to her food line. Now the question will be whether people will buy what her celebrity has to offer!

Do you buy food with celebrity faces on them? Why or why not? Will you be buying Farrah's sauce?


Image via F1Abraham

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