Latest Emily Maynard Wedding Rumor Could Change Everything

Emily Maynard BacheloretteSay what you want about Bachelorette Emily Maynard -- she might be a little crazy for putting her 6-year-old on television while she dates 25 random dudes ... and she might have a bad reputation for acting like a diva on set -- but I'm pretty sure her heart's in the right place.

Actually, I'm certain her heart's in the right place. Sources say Emily is "giddy" over her new fiance (yes, fiance!) and that the newly engaged couple has made one huge decision together that will put all of the fame-hungry rumors to rest -- because, if we're to believe the latest, the southern belle is, in fact, in love and moving forward.


Not only are are Emily and her bachelor pick reportedly engaged, but they're also already rumored to be deep into their wedding planning. I know, right? Nuts. That's like, unheard of in The Bachelor/ette world.

The lovestruck contestants are supposed to travel to magical islands, fall in love, make us all jealous, get engaged, shut down rumors of a breakup, get a few Us Weekly covers, and then inevitably break up. It's just how it goes. But not for Emily, apparently.

So take that, haters. Sounds like Emily's too busy worrying about dress fittings, floral arrangements, and centerpieces to worry about fame. She's been searching for a stepfather for her daughter since day one, so it's not surprising she wants to move things along. Some couples get engaged because they actually want to be married. Why put a ring on it if you have no intentions of marriage? (Tell us, Ben Flajnik.)

I have a good feeling about this one; I really do. But just to be safe, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope she actually makes it down the aisle.

Do you think Emily will actually get married?


Image via ABC

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