'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Pregnant Snooki Is Crazy

Snooki and JWOWWWhen news first broke that Nicole Polizzi was pregnant, it was hard to imagine that the crazy girl who peed on herself in the middle of dance floors could actually handle motherhood. We also wondered just how interesting she could be without such drunken, outrageous moments. Tonight on Snooki and JWOWW, she put those fears to rest, and she peed herself in public once again -- totally sober this time.

It happened in the Ninja restaurant where those freaky ninjas were jumping out around every corner, so it could have happened to anyone. In fact, I think it did happen to JWOWW too, but it was a little flashback back to the crazy, pre-pregnant Snooks.

The pregnant Snooki is still crazy, but now she's crazy with worry about what's happening to her body and what's to come -- just like any other pregnant woman. She's just a little more blunt when expressing her fears as we saw tonight. "Does your vagina rip to your butthole?" she asked a pregnant woman in a store.


Then there was her theory on pooping while pregnant. "When you hold in your poop, you’re just backing up your kid's poop, and that’s not healthy." Uh, okay, but the pregnant mind does go to some strange places.

Her biggest fear is same as any other pregnant woman's -- the health of her unborn child. Tonight we saw her and Jionni and JWOWW get the first glimpse of their little meatball via ultrasound, and it was a moving moment. Okay, it almost moved Snooki to puke, as she exclaimed, "Ewwww!" upon seeing the image, which was something I've never heard from a pregnant woman, but to each her own I guess. And after the initial shock, there was also great relief there when the doctor said the baby looked healthy. "I guess that's what motherhood is -- always worrying about your kid," she said. And how right she is.

So that was sweet. As for the rest of show ... meh. I'm not ready to write it off quite yet, but when Snooki and Jenni in an animal sex exhibit at a sex museum is boring, you feel just how far from Jersey Shore they really are.

Were you surprised by Snooki's reaction to the ultrasound?


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