'Bachelor Pad 3' Promo Promises Drama, Debauchery, and Dippy Devotees (VIDEO)

bachelor pad 3I watch The Bachelor or Bachelorette when it's on and I'm too lazy to move from the couch, but I live for Bachelor Pad, its dirtier, crazier, and drunker spin-off. (Same with The Real World, couldn't care less, but the RR/RW Challenge? Reason I get out of bed in the morning. I digress.) Bachelor Pad 3 returns July 23 on ABC and holy hot tubs, is this season going to be marvelous. Not only are some of our favorite cast members returning to embarrass themselves further, but Chris Harrison has one-upped himself and has enlisted Bachelor and Bachelorette superfans to be on the show.

Fans mixing with their idols? Open bars? Irrational and unstable personalities? What is this, Christmas??


I can't wait to watch some egos implode and explode as the superfans mingle with the group. There's going to be some fantastic jealously, which will lead, inevitably, to some fabulous backstabbing, which will lead, naturally, to some amazing drunk tears, which will lead, obviously, to someone saying they're "over the drama" as they leave the show prematurely.

It's going to be glorious.

The cast looks insane, and the mystery man from Emily Maynard's season turns out to be that guy Kalon McMahon who greeted Emily in a helicopter. Now he's got a Porsche. Love a man who over-compensates, don't you?

Check out the Bachelor Pad 3 teaser and tell me, are you as excited as I am?


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