'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's Haters Are Trying to Ruin Her Happy Ending

Emily Maynard

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later -- you know, people trying to tear apart Bachelorette Emily Maynard and paint her as some sort of fame-hungry diva who is only concerned with money and has no interest in love. But as much as I expected a few haters to surface and rear their ugly heads -- I honestly didn't expect her criticism to be this bad. (People are SO mean.)

Some of Emily's worst haters are accusing her of being "desperate to be famous," and others are deeming her to be a "greedy diva" who throws tantrums and turns into a completely different person once the cameras stop rolling. (Eye roll.)


And all I can say is, "Good GRIEF!" Seriously -- Could these pathetic haters possibly get any more jealous and resentful of Emily's happiness and success?

Because pure, evil jealousy is exactly what's going on here. Some people just can't seem to stand the fact that Emily is a genuine person who has everything going for her, so they're resorting to trying to find any sort of flaw they can just to help inflate their own egos into thinking they somehow have it better than she does.

But the truth is, most of them don't -- because Emily really does have the whole world in her hands right about now. For one thing, she's absolutely gorgeous, not to mention petite and slender even after having a baby. Her appearance in itself is enough to bring out the rage of women who only wish they could look that good.

And then there's the whole "America's Sweetheart" thing she's got going on. Fans fell in love with Emily while she was on The Bachelor, and most viewers were absolutely thrilled when it was announced that she was taking on the role of The Bachelorette. But some people just can't stand seeing her in the spotlight again, so they're trying to paint an ugly picture of her. 

But perhaps the thing that is driving the majority of Emily's haters the most nuts is the fact that (dare I say it?), she actually seems happy, and may have found true love on her journey this time around. Nothing makes people crazier than thinking someone else has a happier ending than they do.

For her sake, I sincerely hope viewers go easy on her from here on out and have a change of heart after seeing who Emily picks at the final rose ceremony. Maybe once they see two people who are content and in love, they'll have no choice but to quit giving her so much grief. (Or at least we can hope that's what will happen.)

Do you truly believe Emily is only concerned with being famous?


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