'Bachelorette' Recap: One Guy Clearly Pulls Ahead in the Race for Emily's Heart

Emily Maynard

The hometown dates are always one of the best weeks on The Bachelorette, because you can always count on there being that one full-blown out-of-their-mind crazy family who makes the girl in the hot seat feel totally out of place and uncomfortable.

And that's the reason why it was so puzzling to watch Emily Maynard meet her remaining four men's families tonight -- because they were all seemingly good, down-to-earth people who genuinely accepted the fact that their son, brother, etc. may wind up putting a ring on her finger in a couple more weeks. (Seriously -- I wanted to hate at least one of them, I really did. Somehow it's just not as fun to watch when there's no one to make fun of.)


But all of these dudes come from loving homes (even crazy Chris) with parents & siblings who truly want nothing more than for them to be happy.

And while all of Emily's four dates tonight went well, one definitely stood out from the rest. Arie Luyendyk better watch out & step up his game yet another notch -- because Jef Holm totally passed him up as the front runner tonight. Emily admitted she's always wanted a guy with an edge -- and Jef literally brought out the big guns for his hometown date with her in Utah.

OMG. How hot was it when she got into that go-cart with him and said she was going to try and be a lady to which he replied, "We're past that" and proceeded to race her around all over his farm? And his shootin' skills are something to brag about too. He definitely knows his way around a gun. And how about that letter Jef to Emily at the end of their date. Were you in tears? Because I was pretty darn close -- and I'm SO not a crier. (I kind of want to marry him.)

Up until tonight, I really thought Arie was a total shoe-in to win this whole deal, but after seeing how connected Emily and Jef were after he poured his heart out to her in that letter -- I really think Jef just made a huge lap around him. Arie is sexy, intriguing, and has all the right moves -- but there's just something about Jef's relationship with Emily that seems so much deeper. (And wasn't it kind of weird when Arie's family started speaking Dutch with her sitting right there having no clue what they were saying? Holy awkward.)

And Sean Lowe (a.k.a. Mr. Perfect) is really sweet, handsome, and well -- normal. But if Emily truly wants a guy with "an edge," Sean most definitely isn't it. She's not playing it safe this time around and going with the guy everyone thinks she should be with -- she's following her heart. And something tells me it isn't going to lead her to Sean in the end, even though he's an incredibly great guy.

When it came time for the rose ceremony, I highly doubt anyone was shocked that Chris got the boot. He's way too immature for Emily, which was even more evident after he started throwing a mini-tantrum when she told him goodbye. (Way to keep it classy, Chris.)

If I had to guess who Emily Maynard will pick at the end of her journey, my money is on either Jef or Arie (but leaning more towards Jef) -- and honestly, I'll be shocked if they aren't chosen as her final two after next week's dates in Curacao.

Who do you think is best for Emily -- Sean, Arie, or Jef?


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