'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Kieffer Delp Reunion Is Right on Schedule

Jenelle Evans JaceAs if the on-again-off-again relationship Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has had going with one-time fiance Gary Head wasn't enough evidence that this girl just can't stay away from trouble, there's a new twist for the file. Kieffer Delp. 'Memba him? He's baaaaaaack!

Just to catch you up -- because with Jenelle it can get confusing -- Kieffer is Jenelle's ex-boyfriend. You know, the one who she was once ordered to stay away from by an actual judge because of his association with drugs, and their coupled arrests on the same night a few years back?


But the way he's talking, ol' Reefer and Jenelle have been spending time together. He Tweeted just this past weekend that he and the troubled reality star were hitting the mall together. And considering she's been retweeting photos of Kieffer and chatting with him online, there's more than a shred of truth to the claim.

Who knows why they're hanging out again. Maybe Jenelle is trying to make Gary jealous after allegations came out that he'd hooked up with her friend Hannah. Right now she denies she has a boyfriend at all, but it could be because they're hooking up again. Who. KNOWS.

The why doesn't matter quite as much here as the what.

Jenelle is spending time with Kieffer after we saw her file a domestic violence complaint against him after an argument aired on Teen Mom that showed him physically assaulting her. She's spending time with a guy who has gotten her into trouble with the law and who has been described by the law as someone she should avoid. She's hanging out with a guy who is said to have leaked nude photos.

Those aren't yellow light warning signs that this guy is going to make her life worse. That's a flashing red right up in your face, accompanied by a siren blaring in your ears screaming, "Warning, Warning, Warning."

If she can take all that in stride and still keep people like Kieffer Delp in her life, Jenelle Evans is more than just a screwed up reality star. She's a screwed up reality star who is willingly self-destructing.

I just hope her little boy is not there to see the wreckage.

What do you make of Jenelle letting Kieffer back into her life?


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