'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Ex Does Something No Woman Can Forgive

jenelle evans gary headIf the fact that your boyfriend's name is Gary. Head. isn't warning enough that this guy's going to be an idiot, I don't know what is. The latest bit of drama out of Teen Mom Jenelle Evan's camps is that her ex Gary is trying to, and may have already, hooked up with Jenelle's best friend Hannah Inman. Tweets and accusations are flying, and sorry, I gotta assume the worst here and think that this Gary kid started seeing Hannah in order to get back at Jenelle. What a winner.


He knew that becoming close with Hannah would be the most hurtful thing he could do to Jenelle, and he went for it. Even the dullest tool in the shed can figure out how to be a rotten ex-boyfriend -- guess it must be genetic or something -- because everyone knows that going after an ex's friend is off-limits. And when people disobey that rule, well, then they're being RUDE. And mean and spiteful and ass-holey and all those kinds of words, too.

And when they take their douchery to social media, they're crowned a special kind of jerk. Gary tweeted:

I miss Hannah Inman. I should of went with my gut feeling the whole time. But lessons learned & I'm gonna make things right with her.

I never thought I'd say this, but poor Jenelle. No one deserves this kind of hurt. Jenelle's done some pretty messed up things, but my cold dead heart goes out to her here. Her relationship with Gary has been a pile of poop since day one -- between the fights, the guns, the tattoos, the underwear, the cops, the make-ups, and the break-ups, these two have a lot of growing up to do.

Sounds like he may be Hannah's problem now, though.

Thoughts on Gary?


Photo via @gary_head/Twitter

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