'Bachelorette' Reject Doug Clerget Proves He's the Most Pathetic Suitor in the Show's History (VIDEO)

Emily Maynard & Doug Clerget

OMG. How relieved were you when Bachelorette Emily Maynard sent Doug Clerget packing last week after their group date in Prague? Seeing him act all weird and uncomfortable in front of Emily was really starting to get painful to watch -- especially when he planted that awkward kiss on her lips right before she dumped him in the rain.

(Just a quick note to all the dudes who may be reading this -- when a girl says, "Thank you for that" after a kiss, it's generally NOT a good thing.)


The show gave the impression that Doug got into the car after Emily said goodbye to him and went directly to the airport (right after he did the ugliest man cry in the history of reality TV), but as it turns out, he had to go back and pack his bags because she wound up letting him go well before the rose ceremony.

And just when we thought his behavior couldn't get any more cringe-worthy, a new deleted scene has been released showing Doug telling the guys all about the rejection he got from Emily -- and he even fessed up to the totally lame kiss.

Here's the clip -- but you might want to cover your eyes if you're a Doug fan. It's pretty pathetic.


I know, I know (I'm being so mean) -- Doug really does seem like your typical "nice guy." But doesn't something about him just seem a bit "off"? His mannerisms are just so weird and he seems so unsure of himself -- to the point that it's kind of hard to figure out how he ever managed to be romantically involved with a woman in the past (let alone get her pregnant).

And another thing -- did you notice how Doug really seemed almost too perfect, and kept playing the "pick me because I'm a dad" card over and over again? It's almost as if he was trying to hide something -- and acting all perfect brought out the wacko in him.

Whatever the case may be, he's definitely one of the most awkward dudes in the history of The Bachelorette. It's a good thing Emily's such a perceptive gal and let this clown go before it was too late.

Do you think Doug is really as weird as he seems?


Image via ABC

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