Alec Baldwin Is Totally Justified for 'Attacking' the Paparazzi -- This Time

alec baldwin paparazzi"Hi, my name is Alec Baldwin, and I hate the paparazzi." "Hi Alec." "It's been 10 days since my last dust-up with a photographer -- oh wait, scratch that. I just went after another one today."

That's right -- just 10 days after his last scuffle with a photographer Alec had another intense confrontation with a photog. Video caught him getting into the pap's face, calling him a little girl, telling him to shut up, even grabbing the guy's arm. But for once I think Alec might actually be justified -- apparently the paparazzo had been pestering Alec's neighbors and Alec wanted him to stop!


A source tells TMZ that the photographer had just had some words with other residents in Alec's building. One of the neighbors told  him to leave them alone and the photographer reportedly responded "f*ck you."

It's one thing to pester Alec. He did sign up for this whole movie star thing and paparazzi harassment comes with the territory. But he's probably embarrassed that they're now pestering his neighbors, too. If it's true, then the pap is definitely out of line there and I think it's totally understandable that Alec would go agro on his ass.

(Quick aside to that photographer: "You're breaking my arm!" Really? Quit whining, dude. No he is not. Geez, now you really do look like a little girl.)

Anyway, most other stars seem to have a more... symbiotic relationship with the paparazzi. Sure, they think those flashing bulbs are annoying and intrusive. But they also represent more exposure. And you know you're over when they stop pursuing you. No one really wants them to stop.

Except Alec Baldwin. I think he's done. He just wants to marry Hilaria Thomas, take care of her babies, and show up in the occasional movie -- and you don't need more media exposure for that. So he's totally lost patience with the paps. HAD. IT. No need to play nice with them anymore. Done. I just have one little question: What's with the big pink stuffed animal under Alec's arm

Is Alec Baldwin a little more justified in confronting the paparazzi if they've been harassing his neighbors?


Image via Splash News

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