'DWTS' Derek Hough & 'The Hills' Stephanie Pratt May Be a Match Made in Reality TV Hell

Derek HoughJust when we thought reality TV hookups couldn't possibly get any more random or bizarre, there is a new report that Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough is dating former The Hills star, Stephanie Pratt. Yes -- that Stephanie Pratt. As in the Stephanie Pratt who is a total train wreck, whose brother is Spencer Pratt, who is an even bigger train wreck.

Supposedly a witness saw the two of them getting pretty hot and heavy at Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood earlier this week. The source said, "They were holding hands, kissing ... hooking-up in front of everyone."

Wow. Holy hot MESS! If the witness's story is true, then this has to be one of the craziest matches to come out of reality TV yet.


Derek is kind of a ladies' man, but he can certainly do much better than Stephanie Pratt. And since it's been so long since Stephanie was gracing us with her presence on The Hills, it wouldn't be a total shock if she was trying to worm her way into a Dancing With the Stars gig by cozying up to Derek. Being on the show would definitely get people talking about her again -- possibly even in a more positive way.

Being a DWTS cast member could be Steph's big chance to redeem herself and shake her wild child image -- not to mention separate her even further away from her looney-tune brother, Spencer. As long as she's associated with him, her reality TV future looks pretty bleak.

But then again, maybe Stephanie isn't the one who's looking for a little more exposure. Derek was also romantically linked to Lauren Conrad, her co-star on The Hills, not too terribly long ago. Maybe he's trying to extend his career a bit further away from the ballroom?

If Stephanie & Derek hooked up, do you think it was for publicity? Or were they just a couple of kids out having a good time?


Image via ABC

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