Snooki Ponders Life After Reality TV & Decides It Shouldn't Exist

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Imagine a world without reality television. OohEEEooh! How would that even happen? Would a meteor have to hit the Earth? It boggles the mind. In a recent interview, Snooki and JWoww were asked to imagine life after Jersey Shore.

JWoww is pretty philosophical about it (well, as philosophical as she ever gets). "Every season of Jersey Shore, we’re never guaranteed the next one. We all know there’ll be a day that we all have to go our separate ways ... We don’t know how long reality TV in itself will be." But Snooki is NOT going away quietly.


She never wants the sharing to end. “I would love to do shows for the rest of my life because I love sharing everything that goes on.” I am bowled over by this girl's generosity. She has made us rich with "everything that goes on." Or anyway, she's made herself rich with it. And should the magical reality TV merry-go-round ever stop for Snooki?

“I’ll go back on YouTube." We'll never be rid of her. Thanks, YouTube.

Here's the thing. Everyone SAYS they're sick of Snooki and JWoww. And yet people keep tuning in for more. So which is it -- less Snooki or more? Or is this just one of those issues that deeply divide Americans?

Occupy vs. Tea Party

Pro-choice vs. Pro-life

Obamacare vs. Nobamacare

Snooki vs. No Snooki

I guess we're going to be stuck 50 years from now watching this woman get her first colostomy bag. Can't. Hardly. Wait. If Snooki fell down on YouTube and no one watched, would she make a sound? I think that's the real question.

When do you think Snooki and JWoww should retire from reality TV?


Image via MTV

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