'DWTS' All-Stars Cast: Who Will Come Back & Who Won't? (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Jun 28, 2012 TV

Stacy KieblerI don't know about you, but I'm pretty pumped for the upcoming Dancing With the Stars All-Stars season. The talent on the show just keeps getting better and better as the seasons go on, and it's about high time that ABC did a show dedicated to bringing back all of our favorite cast members from past seasons.

Of course, some former contestants will definitely be more fun to watch than others -- like George Clooney's leading lady, for example. Stacy Kiebler hasn't come out and said whether or not she will appear on DWTS All-Stars, but it's pretty safe to say that she's a fan favorite for sure, and the show probably won't be the same without her. (Translation: We reallllly want to see George in the audience each week.)

Aside from Stacy, there are some pretty amazing famous dancers to choose from to be part of the Dancing With the Stars All-Stars cast. Take a look at the photos below to see more contestants that we'd love to see return, along with a few we hope never set foot on a ballroom floor again.

Which cast members are you hoping to see on the Dancing With the Stars All-Stars season?


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  • Drew Lachey -- Yes!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube

    DWTS All-Stars just won't be the same without Drew Lachey. No one will ever forget his freestyle dance with Cheryl Burke -- and we'd love to see it again!

  • Jerry Springer -- No!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube


    Jerry Springer is a nice, funny guy & all -- but he definitely doesn't belong in the ballroom.

  • William Levy -- Yes, Yes, Yes!


    Image via ABC

    This one is a no-brainer. William Levy HAS to be on the show. (Yummy.)

  • Bristol Palin -- No!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube


    Bristol Palin got a lot of unnecessary criticism during her season, and hearing people tear her apart again would be way too tough to watch!

  • Jake Pavelka -- No WAY!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube


    The world's already had more Jake Pavelka than it can handle. 'Nuff said.

  • Kirstie Alley -- Yes!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube

    Kirstie Alley's transformation on her season of DWTS was amazing, plus it was so entertaining to watch her flirt with Maks!

  • Kate Gosselin -- Uh, No.


    Image via gosselinarchives/YouTube

    No more reality TV of ANY kind for Kate Gosselin. PLEASE.

  • Mario Lopez -- Yes!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube


    Mario Lopez is a shoo-in for the All-Star season. How can you have an All-Star cast without A.C. Slater?!

  • Cloris Leachman -- No!


    Image via Codebear4/YouTube

    Cloris Leachman was such a good sport and so funny, but she's probably better off staying off the dance floor.


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