'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Just Can't Get Enough of That Bad Lovin' From Gary

jenelle evansWeren't we JUST telling you about the big fight Jenelle Evans had with her kind-of boyfriend Gary Head, and how he supposedly physically assaulted her, and how they were both arrested because police found drugs all around, and then how they dragged the fight out on Twitter, and then how we all just threw up our hands because OMG, these two!

I let myself get hopeful when Jenelle tweeted that she was going to spend some time working on herself. But that was just crazy talk! Of course Jenelle is back together with Gary. Already. Of course she is.


So now they're back on Twitter (really, the best forum for working out your relationship issues) arguing again -- this time over WHO LOVES WHO MORE. Look, can I please settle this question for you both? The answer is neither. Jenelle and Gary love drama the most.

It's like Jenelle can't resist -- well, not Gary exactly, but that push-pull that is her "love" life with him. They can't resist each other. Have they never seen a healthy, functional relationship? Please, someone with one of those, please contact these kids and show them the way out of this fight-n-fuck cycle.

Because telling them to stay away from each other is not going to work. They're one of those dysfunctional us-against-the-world couples. At least Jace doesn't live with them.

Are you surprised Jenelle and Gary are back together again so soon?


Image via MTV

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