Snooki & JWoww Didn't Deserve Snub From Jersey City

snooki jwowwWouldja believe -- Jersey City did not exactly roll out the red carpet for our girls Snooki and JWoww when they moved in for their latest reality TV show. Shocking, right? Apparently people put up "No Snooki" signs and a few cranky types even refused their crew filming permits.

Because Jersey City is just too, too fancy a town for the likes of those two broads, right? Why, Jersey City is practically Greenwich, Connecticut! They have a reputation to protect. They can't let reality TV stars mess up the place, can they?

PLEEZE. Jersey City? They were lucky to get Snooki and JWoww.


Jersey City got the tame version of the Jersey Shore girls. Snooki is pregnant -- so no parties for her. And while their friends may visit (we'll have to see since we're only two episodes in so far), it sounds like it's just two gals hanging out in their giant, fuzzy slippers. Nothin' wild going on so far.

Well, okay, there have been parking violations, reportedly.

But Snooks and JWoww think they're being unfairly judged. "We brought millions of dollars into communities," says JWoww. (Yeah, that's a slight exaggeration but ... sure.) "We're not trying to make negativity. Not once in the Jersey Shore, not once in Italy or Miami did we ever disrespect the community."

And Snooki is sure that if we only got to know her in real life, we'd like her "in five minutes! Because we’re nice people! We’re not gonna hurt anybody!”

So they're kind of tacky. So what? Snooki and JWoww have such bad taste, it flips back on itself like a mobius strip and starts looking like freakin' art. What these two do for bad taste should be in museums, I'm telling you. I hate to admit it, but it makes me like them. So honestly, I think the Jersey City residents who turned a cold shoulder on the girls should have been kinder. These are nice harmless sweet acceptable girls we're talking about here.

Would you want Snooki and JWoww filming a show in your town?


Image via MTV

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