'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants to Date Mr. Wrong

farrah abraham teen momOn Teen Mom this week, Farrah Abraham hit the dating scene, going out with Adam, one of her new neighbors in Florida. But the date didn't go anywhere, and Farrah admitted in a recent interview that she's still looking for Mr. Right. So, what exactly would make a guy boyfriend material?

Farrah told MomFinds.com she wants "a male version of me. Someone who is a family person, business-minded, and enjoys traveling." Cute -- being on the same page with those things is very important. But that first part is what gives me pause. Being in a relationship with someone who is basically a carbon copy of yourself isn't always as harmonious as you might think!


Sure, you want to see eye-to-eye and be compatible with your partner on the most important things: Family, money, sex, etc. Not to say it's impossible to make it work when you're very different in some ways (sometimes, that's even better), but of course, you don't want to be too different. You're lookin' for trouble one of you loves to hit the road on a moment's notice, and the other is a homebody. Or one of you is a big spender and the other a total penny-pincher. However, being with someone who is too similar can be, well, incredibly irritating.

At first you might think, "OMG! We have so much in common! It's like we share a brain!" But then ... he starts reflecting some of your most aggravating idiosyncrasies back at you. And/or everything starts to get predictable and boring, because you're too much alike. I'm just sayin' there's something to the theory that "opposites attract." Being with someone who is different enough can keep you guessing -- in an amazing, sexy way. It can also make you a more formidable team, because one has what the other lacks.

Farrah's only just turned 20, so she's got plenty of time to date different types of guys and figure it out. Ultimately, all that matters is that she find the man who makes her happy -- and fits into her life with 3-year-old Sophia. 

Do you agree it's a bad idea to be with the "male version" of yourself?

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