'Real Housewives of Orange County' Finale Part 2 Recap: The Evil Eye Strikes Again

Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra BarneyWell, that was some party. Tonight on the season seven finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we picked back up in the aftermath of Sarah Winchester eating the bow off of Heather Dubrow's cake. You would have thought there was enough ado made about it last week, but Sarah just wouldn't let it go. Finally, they booted her sloppy drunk ass out, and it was time to get back to the lovely, elegant, drama-free affair Heather had planned.

Yeah right; the drama just kept getting dialed up. First up, Jim Bellino decided to grace everyone with his grumpy presence. Does that man EVER smile? Alexis was nauseatingly excited and screechy when she saw him, but then got put in her place right quick when she tried to encourage him to go talk things out with Terry Dubrow, who had supposedly called Alexis "the phoniest person he'd ever met."

"Really, are you wearing the pants now?" he chastised her as everyone visibly flinched; everybody but Jesus Barbie, who stands by her man. 


It was ridiculous for him to show up and not expect to talk about the issue at hand, though why he needed to get involved is beyond me. It should be between Terry and Alexis, and they seem fine, but, of course, he's the man, and he wears the pants, dammit. He ended up storming out in the end after Tamra and Heather joined the conversation (God forbid women speak!), and nothing was resolved.

Alexis defended him, saying it should have been a discussion "man to man." Gag. And for all of her standing by him, he just stormed out and ditched her ass. "Where's the 'one flesh' and all of that?" Heather asked. Exactly.

Also on the stand-by-your-man express was Vicki Gunvalson, and she continued to run down anyone who dared get in the way of her and Brooks Ayers. NO ONE likes the guy, and they have some pretty good reasons why they don't, but Vicki only has eyes for Brooks. As for Brooks, no one really knows what his eyes are focused on, but there's plenty of suspicion -- thus Briana and Tamra's understandable caution about Vicki's relationship with him.

The way he acted at the table when they were all laughing and having fun was bizarre too and did nothing to win him any fans. Sure, Tamra rolled her eyes when Vicki made an imaginary toast to Alexis (who eventually caught up with Jim and left), but Brooks blew it up and made it into a full-on fight. He kept insisting that Tamra had given Vicki the evil eye (a term which you might remember has some dramatic history with her).

He was uber aggressive right out of the gate. "Really? You wanna go there?" he said as soon as he saw the look he didn't like. Now, I will say that Tamra started acting pretty belligerent too after that, but it was Brooks who primarily fueled the fire and kept fanning it by whispering things into Vicki's ear. It definitely felt like he was trying to start a fight.

Why? I'm not sure, though him wanting Vicki to distance herself from friends and family members who have suspicions about him certainly could have something to do with it. Huh. If so, he accomplished his mission because Vicki seems determined to be done with Tamra once and for all. "I'm hurt, I'm sad, and I'm done," she said.

It's too bad when friendships crumble, especially over a man, but Vicki's been pretty clear that Brooks comes first. In a weird speech after everything that went down, she said, "I’ve never been happier and everyone is going to have to deal with it. I love Brooks, he is my man, you’re either in or you’re out.” Looks like she's the only one that's in, and I'm not convinced she's not in for some heartache and perhaps even worse down the line.

Do you think Brooks was out of line? Do you think Tamra overreacted? Do you think Tamra and Vicki will ever be friends again?


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