'Life's a Tripp' Recap: Bristol Palin Still Desperately Needs Levi Johnston

bristol and trippEveryone knows Levi Johnston is no prize. Bristol Palin certainly drives that message home in this week's Life's a Tripp. She complains about him endlessly -- and understandably so. The guy knocks her up at 17, doesn't pay child support, poses in Playgirl, and writes a tell-all about her entire family. Not a keeper by any means.

But for all his faults, Bristol still desperately needs him and she knows it. She may be the eldest daughter of one of the most loved and hated women in America, but without Levi, she would be the most boring reality TV star of all time.


Honestly, there were moments in the show when I wished I were watching paint dry instead. Her big move to LA is already over and she is back in sleepy Wasilla. She visits her boring, wood-chopping pals, chats with her snarky sister Willow, and that's actually about it. I never thought I would long for the nasty nail-salon run-ins of Laguna Beach. At least that was good for some fierce eye rolling and icy stares.

I did get my hopes up as Bristol tried to orchestrate a rendezvous with Levi at a kiddie play place. There were a tense two minutes when you wondered what would happen if and when he showed. He didn't. The consolation prize: one end of a bitchy phone conversation with Levi's girlfriend Sunny.

Things don't even get interesting with her new man Gino, who she has dated on and off for years. Lifeless doesn't even begin to adequately describe this dude. Whether happy, angry, or excited, he delivers everything in a drowsy, monotone voice that makes him seem painfully uninterested in the world. He's around but he's not there, if you know what I mean.

There aren't even sparks when he suggested they become boyfriend-girlfriend. At least he cracked a smile as he asked, "Can we make it Facebook official?" And he is sweet with her kid. "I love Tripp, he's an awesome kid, he's a lot of fun," said Gino. "He totally has my heart." That's nice and all, but here's hoping for some Snooki-level drama next week.

Do think Bristol's life is interesting enough for TV?


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