'Bachelor' Winner Courtney Robertson Isn't Done Creating On-Screen Drama

Courtney Robertson

If you were thinking (more like hoping) we'd seen the last of Bachelor bad gal Courtney Robertson, think again, because it looks like there's a very good chance of us seeing her on-screen once again. And no, she won't be appearing on Bachelor Pad 3, which is kind of a bummer because she would've been awesome at making the girls in that house cry their eyes out.

Nope, Courtney Robertson is supposedly up for a movie role in a major motion picture -- an upcoming romantic comedy. (Wait a minute -- isn't that basically what The Bachelor is?)


Supposedly the producer of the flick in question took notice of all of the attention and buzz Courtney generated while she was "winning" Ben Flajnik's heart on The Bachelor -- and now he thinks she might be the perfect "actress" to star in his new film.

Apparently the meeting went so well that she was sent home with a copy of the script in hand. And that can only mean one thing -- this dude is seriously considering her to become Hollywood's next "It Girl."

OMG. I like Courtney, I really do. And it took me quite a while to switch over to her team instead of tearing her apart like everyone else in America, which is why I just can't get behind the idea of her being a movie star. Because if being on The Bachelor really does land her in the lap of luxury in Hollywood, then it will basically solidify the claims that she used the show (and Ben) as her ticket to an acting career -- and was never really interested in finding true love. (Imagine that.)

For Ben's sake, hopefully her possible acting gig is nothing but a coincidence, and their relationship won't fizzle out if she snags this movie role. But he's gotta be shaking in his boots just a little bit -- because if Courtney makes it to the big screen, the 15 minutes of fame he gained by proposing to her are going to be up real quick.

Do you think Courtney will make a good actress?


Image via ABC

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