'Bachelorette' Hottie Jef Holm Gives Shocking Clue About Who Emily Will Dump Next

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

Things are really starting to get a lot more serious on The Bachelorette now that Emily Maynard has whittled out the rotten eggs in the group (or has she?), and it's actually starting to look like she may find lasting love this time around. (Fingers crossed!) And by far, one of the best remaining men is quirky Jef Holm, who seems to be falling pretty hard for Emily.

Jef may be young at only 27, but he really has his act together, and even admits being ready to settle down with Emily and become a father to her daughter, Ricki. (OMG. How adorable is this dude?)

But as much as we'd love to see him wind up with Emily and live happily ever after, a comment Jef Holm made about what will go down at tonight's rose ceremony definitely gives us reason to worry about who makes it through to the home town dates -- and who definitely doesn't.


Jef said that he and Emily will have a "huge pivotal moment" in their relationship tonight, and also added that there will be a "big, surprise elimination." Hmm. Which unlucky guy is getting the boot?

If I had to guess, my first bet would be Arie Luyendyk, whose relationship with one of the Bachelorette producers will be revealed on tonight's show. OMG. Can you believe he actually had a relationship with one of the producers?! How did he get this far into things without this information surfacing? (Seems awfully convenient for it to come out now that fans are totally in love with him.) Emily and Arie are pretty hot & heavy, but she's not messing around on her quest for love, so I wouldn't be surprised if she sends him packing.

Another huge shocker would be if Emily suddenly had a change of heart and sent sweet-natured Sean Lowe home tonight. Sean really seems to good to be true -- and maybe that will wind up being his downfall? He's so amazing that it's almost hard to believe he doesn't have a skeleton in his closet somewhere. (Most guys do.)

And how about Jef Holm himself? Was he hinting that tonight may be the end of the road for him and Emily? Because that would definitely be a big surprise. Guys like Jef (meaning a really decent, nice guy with good intentions and a promising career) come along once in a lifetime, so it will be a serious puzzler if Emily doesn't give him a rose.

Who do you think is going home tonight?


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