'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice Makes Nice With Her Family for All the Wrong Reasons

Joe Gorga and Teresa GiudiceOn the surface, Teresa Giudice was all forgiveness and goodwill when it came to her family tonight on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She called up Kathy Wakile to have lunch and catch up; she caved and said she'd go to therapy with Joe Gorga; and she even forgave Melissa Gorga.

Some big steps for sure, but the reason she was making them was suspect at best. All of her niceties were more like a completely obvious and desperate attempt to keep at least someone in corner after she offended and alienated her very last (and very faithful) friend -- Jacqueline Laurita.

She needed someone on her side, so it was back to the family she's begrudged for so long. Kathy realized it right away. "Ding, ding, ding!" indeed.


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I suppose that's what family is for to some extent -- to always be there for you -- but you can only attack them so many times before even they don't want you. Also, Teresa's actions tonight felt so fake and self-serving that you have to wonder if the real problems will be addressed. For example, though Teresa agreed to go to therapy, she told the cameras she's going with hopes that her brother will realize HE has a problem. Sigh. 

She virtually no self awareness, evidenced especially well toward the end when she said that everyone else has changed, but she's remained the same ... well, except she's become more understanding. Uh huh.

At least Jacqueline finally saw through her bullsh*t. You could tell that after days of crying over their big blow up, Jacqueline was really hoping to smooth things over. Then Teresa started attacking her and twisting things, and Jacqueline finally had it. "F*ck you!" she told her. "Now I see why everyone f*cking hates her," she told her husband.

Meanwhile, Teresa told the cameras that Jacqueline is a "psycho bitch"and that she should have punched her in the face.

Melissa was gracious, and even though she saw through Teresa's motivation, still said they'd be there for her no matter what. That's pretty darn big of her, as was admitting she was wrong in the whole Danielle Staub drama from two years ago. Teresa said she was going to forgive her, but of course, didn't apologize for anything she'd done. I loved the look on her face when Melissa told, "Just be normal." Tall order there for Teresa, I think. I can't wait to see what the therapist thinks of her next week.

Maybe Teresa's motivation for making nice doesn't matter as much as the end result. If she can successfully reunite with her family, that would be great for Teresa, but more importantly, for her kids. I fear, however, that the chances of any kind of peace actually lasting are about as low as Juicy Joe's class.

Do you think a reconciliation between Teresa and Joe and Melissa Gorga will last?


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