'Snooki & JWOWW' Premiere Recap: 5 Reasons It's Better Than 'Jersey Shore'

SnookiTonight was the big night for Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley, as their spin-off show Snooki & JWOWW premiered. While it packed a few surprises, the big surprise will be if the show is actually able to pull in ratings.

With Snooki pregnant and no longer the falling-down-drunk mess we all fell in love with, it's hard to imagine just how she and JWOWW are going to keep the interest of an MTV audience. 

The premiere tonight was entertaining enough. It was no mouth-dropping shocker like an episode of Jersey Shore, but it had its charm and moments. And in some ways, I think Snooki & JWOWW may prove to be better than Jersey Shore. Here are five of them:


1. No Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

I'm glad the guy went to rehab and all, but he makes my skin crawl. Not having to watch his smug, annoying mug is a big bonus.

2. You won't feel like you need a shower and an STD test after watching it.

They're not squeaky clean by any means (e.g. Jenni asking the realtors, "Do you guys f-ck? You really don't?") but there's no smoosh room. Hallelujah.

3. We get to watch Snooki pregnant.

A pregnant Snooki is one of the last things anyone ever expected. Watching her handle all that pregnancy brings has surely got to be better than the goings on at Karma over and over again.

4. They'll prove you can have fun sober.

So here's the preachy mom in me coming out, but MTV is filled with shows in which all of the fun is fueled by alcohol. The message kids get is alcohol = fun. So it will be nice to see some good old-fashioned sober fun too.

5. Jersey Shore is getting old.

Literally, the cast is way too old to be cavorting like they do. It's painful to watch these days, and at least it appears that Snooki and JWOWW may start acting more like their age.

Will all that be enough? I don't know, but if not, at least you know they had fun trying.

Do you think Snooki & JWOWW will succeed?

Image via MTV

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