'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell May Marry Tyler at a Castle

catelynn lowryCatelynn Lowell is known for being one of the more level-headed Teen Moms. No arrests, putting the brakes on the drama, and now just sensible plans to finish college and marry her sweetheart. Catelynn chose to give up her baby so she could focus on school and -- for the 100th time! -- she is not pregnant. But we're catching a glimpse of Catelynn's hidden starry-eyed romantic side. Rumor has it she and Tyler Baltierra are planning to marry at a castle.

Starcasm reports that Catelynn and Tyler plan to marry in Old World Canterbury Village, a Michigan historical landmark with a sweet, castle-like banquet hall. And unlike the pregnancy rumor, I hope this rumor is true. But it also makes me feel a little wistful for them.


Getting married in a fairy-tale setting is just so idealistic! Doesn't that make you think of princesses and "happily ever after" and magic? But it takes a whole lot more than magic to make a marriage work. In real life the wedding is actually just the beginning.

Marriage is such a grown-up endeavor. I feel like these fairy-tale themed weddings (especially the princess-themed ones at Disneyland, Lord have mercy!) gloss over the seriousness of it all. I mean, there is no magic pumpkin, no glass slippers, and definitely no singing mice to help you with the dishes.

But I'm sure for Catelynn and Tyler, the venue (if that really is what they're choosing), Old World Canterbury Village, just happens to be the prettiest spot around for a wedding. It's not about acting out a fairy tale for them. They're a little more worldly-wise than your average young, engaged couple. And I hope they get to visit the original Canterbury someday. Like marriage, the real thing is deeper than the fantasy.

Do you think a wedding venue sets the tone for a marriage?


Image via MTV

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