'Snooki & JWOWW' Premiere Is Packed With Surprises

Snooki and JWOWWIf your Thursday nights have been missing a little Jersey Shore action, fear no more. Nicole Polizzi and Jenni Farley are stepping in to fill the gap with their new show Snooki & JWOWW, which premieres Thursday night. 

I got a sneak peek at the show, and while it's not packed with any of the drunken drama we're used to associating them with, it does showcase their sweet-but-strange friendship, and manages to throw in a few surprises too.

I'm not sure there's a whole lot to "spoil," but if you want to be completely surprised when the show airs, then stop reading here, as there are some "spoilers" ahead.


The premise of the show is the dynamic duo moving in together for a last hurrah. Jenni says 30 is it, and she's just a few years away and wants to get some living done. “Thirty is my limit. So I have a bucket list -- three years to get everything done,” she says.

Snooki says she needs to cut the umbilical cord from her parents, but is surprised by the cost of living, particularly that she has to pay a sewage bill. "I think the sewage bill is a piece of sh*t." And they're both a little taken aback by some of the potential places they check out, including creepy neighbors and neighborhoods filled with couples and families (a negative for them).

The BIG surprises, however, are Snooki's engagement and pregnancy, which JWOWW supposedly knows nothing about until just minutes before they sign a lease on an apartment. It's a bit far fetched to think Snooki wouldn't have told her before they started filming, but we'll suspend belief for the sake of reality television ... like we usually do.

First Snooki drops the engagement news on her, which throws her for a loop. Then Snooki tells her about the pregnancy, and Jenni's pretty much speechless.

"I'm moving in with a pregnant, engaged Snooki," she tells the cameras in disbelief. She's also a little disappointed that she wasn't the first one.

Snooki, taking it all in stride, says, "Instead of life throwing me a curve ball, it threw me a sperm ball."

It will be interesting to see where they take it from here and to see if they can keep viewers interested with much tamer antics. They're like a foul-mouthed, tackier, modern-day version of Laverne & Shirley, and for whatever reason, they're pretty endearing. Whether they'll be entertaining enough, however, remains to be seen.

Will you watch Snooki & JWOWW?


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