Courtney Robertson’s ‘Bachelor’ Nightmares Can Also Be Called ‘Karma’ (VIDEO)

ben and courtneyIf you don't want nightmares when you sleep, you may not want to do nightmarish things when you're awake. Courtney Robertson, the Bachelor winner "engaged-dating" to Ben Flapjack, admitted to a Phoenix news station that she has bad dreams about being on the show, and explains that she was edited to be made the villain.

You almost start to feel sorry for Courtney -- being tormented in your sleep is the worst -- but you have to wonder if her subconscious mind isn't giving her a taste of her own medicine. Is it the nasty things she said about the other contestants that's giving her night terrors? Or maybe it's the "winning" attitude that's making her sleeping mind play tricks on her. Whatever it is, it seems like Karma has shown up, and she's wearing a nightgown, carrying a hammer, and she's pissed.


I think everyone can relate to having nightmares about something they worried about, or regret, and I'll be damned if you don't wake up in a cold sweat thanking every fiber of your sheets that you're in bed and not actually living whatever just happened. Not. Fun.

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I just don't know what exactly Courtney expected. If you go on an exceptionally popular reality show and act like a really mean person, well, then, I suppose there are consequences. And she can shrug off the blogs and the magazine covers calling her the meanest contestant ever because those are just opinion, but when your own mind starts manifesting its guilt with nightmares, it's harder to ignore.

I feel kinda bad for Courtney because she made a terrible decision to go on T.V. and play the miscreant without some sort of out. There was no big reveal that it was all for show, there was no redeeming scene where she explains that she puts down others because her mom never hugged her as a child, there was no sign of remorse.

Until there is, Courtney's image will remain that of an evil witch out for blood in the name of "love." And I'd bet that if she doesn't make that 180 soon and show a softer side, those nightmares will get worse.

Also? Don't tell me you were surprised to see you were edited to be the villain. If that black widow dress they put Courtney in for the finale didn't tip her off that she was being perceived as the queen of mean, then you have to question her wherewithal.

Do you think Courtney's nightmares are karma?


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