Johnny Depp Will Live His New Single Life in Style in Dazzling Bachelor Pad

Johnny Depp & Vanessa ParadisHe just split from longtime love Vanessa Paradis, but supposedly Johnny Depp is already buying a new bachelor pad to live in as he begins his new life as a single dad.

The sprawling country estate sits on 40 acres and is located across the pond in Norfolk, England. And it even comes with its very own name -- Burnham Westgate Hall. But I guess that's what you'd expect from a home built in 1750 that costs $10.8 million. For that price, it should have its own designated title, right?


With 15,870 square feet, the mansion offers more than enough room for Depp to spread out and relax. And considering it also has 13 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, Johnny's two kids, Lily-Rose and Jack, will have plenty of space to chill out when they're with him.

Judging from Johnny's subdued and private personality, it's really not a huge shock that he'd want a secluded home now that he's split from Vanessa. Even though they were never married, they were together for 14 years, so this isn't going to be an easy relationship to get over. Johnny really strikes me as the type of person who will want to get away from the world for a while, and be alone to sort out his thoughts.

But having all that downtime in a house that big may make the place feel awfully empty. Then again, that's probably not necessarily a bad thing for Depp. Silence may be exactly what he needs to come to terms with this breakup.

Do you think buying a brand new home is a good way for Depp to move on?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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