'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber & Gary's Relationship Needs a Big Change

FarrahThe third episode of Teen Mom's last season brought us deeply back into the lives of these girls we have all come to know so well. While Farrah was moving to Florida, Catelynn was graduating from high school, and Maci was following Ryan on vacation, Amber was trying to see baby Leah while she was in rehab.

Catelynn and Tyler have truly come so far in the past few years. They are still in love, which is lovely to see, but they are also making such good decisions, whether it's about finishing school or getting married (they want to wait) or even whether or not to get emotionally over the top when Butch (Tyler's dad) doesn't show up to high school graduation.

When Catelynn's mother said she was proud on this episode, it was easy to see why. I would be a proud mama, too!


Meanwhile Maci's decision to follow Ryan on vacation and Farrah's decision to get another dog both seemed a little ill-advised, even if both really came from good places in their hearts.

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Did Farrah really need a new puppy after the debacle with her first one? Probably not. But hey, let's give her the benefit of the doubt. It does seem like not enough people have faith in Farrah and the fact is, she IS a good and responsible mom. Maybe she just needs the right dog for her (and let's hope this one is it!).

But it was (as usual) Amber Portwood's drama that was the most upsetting portion of the evening. Portwood never fails to break our hearts and this episode was no different.

Her love for her child is so obvious and the scenes of her, head in hands, so despondent without her daughter, were so painful to watch. Meanwhile, Gary's constant devotion to her and his desire to bring Leah out to California is totally commendable, if, perhaps, a bit premature.

As much as Amber loves her daughter, it seems like maybe the best thing for her is to totally focus on herself (obviously since we all know how rehab turned out). Rehab is all about confronting all the issues that caused a person to do drugs or drink. It's, unfortunately, almost impossible for Amber to do so while her daughter and boyfriend are in town.

My heart breaks for Gary because he loves her so much, but even his own mother knows they need to take a loooooong break (if not a forever one). They just push all the wrong buttons in one another.

I'd love to see a happy ending for Amber, but her road is still very, very long.

Do you think Amber should see Leah in rehab?


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