'Bachelorette' Recap: Ryan Wanting a 'Servant' Makes Him a Giant Fool

Ryan BacheloretteEmily Maynard is by far the best Bachelorette in this show’s history. She cuts through the BS in a hilarious and honest way. She sent home someone most of the past ladies would have kept way too long (does anyone remember Wes on Jillian’s season?) Monday night and earned the respect of all the guys left in the house and me.

I bet many others agree with me, too. Quite frankly, Emily’s options this season are limited, indeed. She is doing the best with what she has, but she is not going to end up with what she wants.

Still, tonight’s episode was pretty funny. **Spoilers ahead.



Monday night, Emily sent home Ryan, the hot football God who spends hours on his perfect shave and hairdo and openly says he wants a “trophy wife.” Emily got major points for calling him on his bullshit.

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The fact is, the dude may have been hot. He may have been smooth. But he was dumb, dumb, dumb. What kind of moron tells a woman he wants a "servant"? Seriously, dude, BAD MOVE. "I want a woman who serves her family." Really Ryan? I think most women want a man who knows how to read, but you still manage to get dates, right?

What a complete and total waste of space. Clearly the only reason he came on the show was so that he would one day be The Bachelor. But guess what? He won't be. Because as much as he believes his own fiction, no one else is buying. Everyone else can see he is a doltish pretty boy whose "affirmations" and mantras are complete BS.

He may find his pretty wife, but she won't be smart and in 30 years when her looks fade (and they all will) both he (and she) will be sorry they never tried to be anything more. Boo to him and to all men like him.

Of course, he is not the only one. There is also Doug, the single dad who misses his kid so much he is openly weeping. Of course, here are two questions: If you miss your kid so much why are you on the show? Also, if you are really a good dad, why do you feel the need to convince everyone of it?

Unfortunately, while Emily made the right choice with Ryan, she did not with Doug. Two roses in the end mean another week of whining from the single dad. But I have faith she will send him packing eventually.

Did you think she made good choices tonight?


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